Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Mrs. and I were out earlier. While we were out and leaving King Kullen (a grocery store, or "supermarket" as you damn kids say) (damn kids... with your long hair and your supermarkets and your hula hoops)we heard the following words shouted by a man to (presumably) his daughter. Before I divulge the words, let me stress something here... this wasn't just said in the usual Long Island mega-decibel way. Nor was it said in a happy/excited way. This was shouted, close to screamingly loud, in something that the average person would easily assume was a threatening manner. (And, for maximum weirdness, remember that this was being said as they were going into a grocery store:

"You want a puppy!?! Let's get a puppy!!!"

I've been going to this store for years. I know where to find just about anything in there. I've never, ever seen a puppy section. No pets of any kind. Not even sea monkeys or a pet rock. Maybe the little girl was terrified of puppies, and the father was threatening her. "Be good, or I'm going to get you a puppy!" "No, daddy, noooooo!!" I've never heard of puppyphobia before. (I'm sorry... .Cynophobia. Thank you google.) (Interesting side note: pupaphobia = fear of puppets. That's a whole other thing, but it's making me laugh like crazy right now.)

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