Friday, February 04, 2005

So... for the sake of maintaining her empire, the Empress will let Jerf's page die a horrible death. All because, in my opinion, she wants to keep the person who maintains the site on her shift, so she can take the credit for it. Just like she's been doing since the day she started. No wonder I hate being in the same room with other managers. Managers take credit for things other people do, since they have no skills. I have skills and want to be acknowledged for them, which is why I've never received better than a "met" as a manager. Managers aren't supposed to have skills, I guess.

Jerf wanted to keep the page going. It's a huge chunk of his life, hell, his soul went into that, so I don't blame him one bit. And now, it's been stolen from him. The page will wither and die because the Empress wants her talons in it, so it'll be kept by people who don't know the job. And when the page fails, she'll take it out on them. Then look for another "volunteer".

Far too many people rely on the site to do their jobs. The Empress, and the rest, know this. Yet they don't know what's involved to keep the site up and running. Hey, it's on the same screen as e-mail, so it must be just as easy! Morons. All fall down, as the nursery rhyme goes.

I'm glad for Jerf, though. Not only did he get out, but he's going to a place where he will be truly appreciated. That's such a rarity, it's painfully unfunny. Hopefully the job is something he enjoys. (Also a rarity.)

Me... I'm going to sell a kidney and retire. Much more worthwhile.

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