Sunday, September 11, 2005

Health Tip

After dozens of requests (OK, three), I've put together a calendar of what I think are the best sunset shots we've taken so far.

In other news, the triple digit temperatures seem to be over. The evening temperatures are in the mid-60s, which is great. The daytime temperatures are in the mid-90s, and are surprisingly comfortable. (Yeah, I know. "What have you done with the real Wontar?") To sound like a broken record: 95 here is nothing even remotely like 95 in New York. Whenever it's above 80 in New York, you need SCUBA gear.

Here's the best example I can give, given our limited experience in AZ... yesterday I started coughing. Typical symptom #1 of me getting a cold, which would then turn into an infection of some sort, which would invariably mean that I can't do much of anything except exist for about 2-3 weeks. I went to bed last night with all manner of scenarios of previous illnesses playing through my head. Today, the cough was gone. Dried up. Vanished. That has never, ever happened to me before. I have a pathetic immune system. My wife has been literally scared by how quickly I am overcome and incapacitated by a cold/infection/plague. To have it go away in less than two weeks is tantamount to a miracle, but a day?

Open letter to family: MOVE! The weather is literally killing you! Slowly, inexorably, killing you. And every year you're less resilient. MOVE!!!

I'm done now. We're off to hit the pool. Hopefully it won't break.


Sam said...

I thought I had plague (the bubonic kind) once, but it was just a boil. :|

Nice shot on the calendar! I love how the rays look like they're cutting through the cloud.

Wontar said...

Glad you like the calendar, Sam! But that shot is only the cover. There are 11 more pics of sunset goodness inside!

Glad you didn't have the plague. Hmm. If we had a resurgence of the plague, would we make a nursery rhyme about it? More likely a video game. Or a movie.