Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pennies From Heaven

Dear Comcast (and everyone else who doesn't know this),

My blood is boiling again. Why? Because I looked at Comcast's website, that's why. There's a simple rule regarding websites that more people should follow: if you can't make a good one, you should not have one. It is not true that a business in today's world must have a website. If you have a website that sucks, that's worse than having no website at all. Also, if you have a website, it needs to be proofread. By someone else. I've had errors in my webpages. Everyone does. Get a proofreader, but preferably someone who has a grasp of the English language.

This leads me to the reason for my boiling blood. I quote: "Fees vary and are applied everytime. Call your local cable billing office for specific information." Not only do you have a decided lack of information on your website and try to make up for it by telling people to call you but you have the infuriatingly common "everytime" error. If you don't think that's an error, here's the answer for you: "'Every time' is always two separate words."

Done. End of story. Just because you see other people doing it doesn't make it correct. Worry about what's right instead of what other people are doing. (See also: every day/everyday.

I'd be happy to proofread your website at my consultant's fee. Or knock a few bucks off of my bill. Whatever.

So remember these freebies: if you can't put the information on your site, don't tease people with the promise of an answer and smack them with a phone; and crack open a dictionary.



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