Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Wish I Could Play the Bagpipes

James Doohan died today, and it made me sad. Silly to be sad for someone I've never met, and whom I know only through a single role. But dammit, it's Scotty! Relics is one of if not my favorite Next Gen episode. Why? Because Scotty is in it. When we went to the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, what did I take a picture of? The phasers? No. The costumes? No. Spock's ears? No. It was the computer Scotty spoke to in Star Trek IV. "Computer? Hello computer." Say those three words in a fake Scottish accent, and you'll detect the Trek fans from the regular people.

Star Trek was not a large part of my childhood, primarily because we weren't able to see it. (No cable in the woods. Still.) I played a lot of catch-up in my post-college years. Sure, the original series is "campy" by today's standards. But it wasn't a western, and that's significant. The show inspired more people to do more things than I could possibly list, but on a personal level it does something pretty darn special for me. Watch Star Trek with Deb. We both enjoy the shows thoroughly, play "who can name that episode faster", and have ridiculously geeky conversations and then laugh about it.

So, silly as it may be, thanks Mr. Doohan. For making me laugh when I hear the words: "It's green."

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