Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Somebody Call Michael Martin Murphey

Yes, I said Michael Martin Murphey. Go run to your CD compilation of "AM Hits of the 70s" if you don't know who I mean.

Deb and I went out for lunch today to celebrate, and also stopped by the post office. When we got out of the car at the post office, we said: "Gee, it's awfully cloudy over there." Followed shortly by: "That's smoke!"

(These shots aren't from the post office, in case you were wondering.) There's a wildfire burning in the Coronado National Forest, and we could see it. Well, we could see the smoke. Saw the actual edge of the fire as a line of smoke, but never any flames. We did, of course, hop in the car and try and go see it. Never got closer than these pictures, because we were sidetracked by something else we'd been meaning to see. (More on that tomorrow.)

Pretty cool, huh? You tell me what other couple you know who celebrates their anniversary by actively seeking out a forest fire!

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