Sunday, July 31, 2005

Annie Get Your Apples

Peachy goodness

Apple goodness

We went to the enchanting Apple Annie's Orchard today in scenic Willcox. We picked peaches, apples, and also visited their vegetable place for some fresh veggies.

For those of you who know me and fear that I may have been abducted by aliens and replaced with a replicant, don't worry. I'm not going to eat any of the peaches or apples. The veggies in question are: corn, hot peppers, onion, and green beans. (The latter being
consumed exclusively by my lovely wife.)

Here's something interesting for those of you who have never seen a peach tree up close:

Some sort of icky sap stuff, leaking all over the place, making amber for the next Jurassic Park movie or something. (Jurassic Orchard? Kind of a mix between Jurassic Park and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.)

Quite a nice day, and significantly cooler than Tucson. On the way back, I got to drive through one of Arizona's dreaded monsoons. Fear! Panic! Terror! Summer shower! Er... yeah. It rained fairly hard for about 10 minutes, which means I had to slow from 80 to about 55. Oh the humanity! I could still see not only the car in front of me, but the semi in front of him. All with that damnable space cushion. We got home, and that particular storm had made the news. (!?!) I drove past a few cars that had pulled over to the shoulder, and one that was off in the median. Not kidding. Maybe I'm missing something. I think these people would shriek uncontrollably if they had to drive through a light flurry of snow, much less a blizzard where the only thing you can see is snow. Pulling over for rain strikes me as funny. (Especially since the people who pulled over didn't even go as far as the overpass, where they would've at least been out of the scary, scary rain.)

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