Friday, July 22, 2005


Spoke with Lenny today. She's been worried about me, as all moms apparently are. (Yes, Lenny is a she. No, Lenny is not my mom. She just thinks she is.) She is one of a small group of people who I wish I could just pick up and move out here and go: "See? You can live like this! It doesn't have to suck! You can make money doing what you enjoy, rather than being miserable!" Unfortunately, she works for an organization that doesn't have a clue how to actually reward good people. It can't even recognize good ones from bad ones. Bah and good riddance.

So, after my digression, it was good to speak with her and a couple other people who shall remain anonymous. (Just in case I get any more unwelcome visitors.) I do miss them. A lot. But I don't miss the place, because I hate what it did to me. And would have continued to do to me as long as I allowed it. Enough = way more than enough.

On that note, this is what our sunsets often look like:

Copies are available in the lobby. (Shameless plug, I know. Oh well.)

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