Thursday, June 09, 2005

Cutting Edge Technology and 1943

We recently bought a new mini stereo thing from (They no longer have it, so I can't link to them.) The first one was damaged when we got it, but they were extremely fast and efficient in arranging the return and shipping out a new one. (Therein lies the answer to the question: "Why do you have an button on your site?") It plays MP3 CDs in addition to regular CDs, so we've spent most of the day in the computer room listening to old radio shows. (Dimension X, The Whistler, The Shadow, etc.) And you know... I'd rather listen to radio shows from the 30s and 40s rather than watch most of what's on TV these days. In fact, we just reduced our cable service to the basic package, because we finally realized that we had 400 channels and all of it was crap. We can see the news, Family Guy on Sunday... and that's pretty much it for our shows anyway. If I want to watch reality, I'll go outside. And I've had my fill of idiots, so I really don't need to watch people eating bugs for money or lying face-down in lava for a trip or whatever the hell it is they do. If I want to hear people who can't sing, I'll turn the radio to a rap station and listen to people talk to music. (Damn kids, waving your collective fists at musical tradition.)

Sold another picture, too. Cool. I'll add more pics soon, especially after this weekend. (I'll tell you afterwards, don't worry.)

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