Saturday, June 04, 2005


Deb and I were riding around southern AZ today as passengers. (We were looking at houses, which I'll probably talk about in another post.) Something very odd happened. We were zipping along quite nicely in the left lane when a red truck came up next to us. Not fast or anything. A definite mosey. The guy stuck his head out the window, and started yelling at us. We have no idea what he said, but I was able to make out something like "what the hell..." and that was it. (Hey, it's hot. Our windows were rolled up, and the AC was on. I'm not about to roll down a window to hear some guy yell.) But then... here's the weird part... he slowed down. Not "slowed down to follow us for the next 50 miles". Just slowed down. He wasn't yelling at us because we were driving slow, not yelling because we were driving fast, and not yelling because we cut him off or anything. (He had to speed up to catch up with us from wherever he came from.) Maybe it's too hot to have road rage here. Or they're just no good at it. Road rage isn't driving up to a random car, yelling at it, and then slowing down again. That's just silly. Unless the reason you slow down is to follow the car for the next 20 or 30 miles, flashing lights and occasionally throwing severed doll heads filled with ketchup out the window. (I've only done that once.) (OK, twice.)

Maybe I could give offensive driving lessons here. Teach people how to drive while ignoring the damn "space cushion" that seems to still be in effect. How to drive while looking like I'm fluent in sign language but also have Tourette's. (Yes, I stole that bit. It's damn funny. Thank you Larry.) These wacky Arizonianites, with their safe driving habits and their politeness... the guy probably was yelling "Have a nice day!" to us. Weird.

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