Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hot 'n' Stuff

It's just after midnight as I type this, and it's a cool 95 degrees. It only got up to 108 or so today, but it's cloudy so the heat isn't dissipating. Desert weather dynamics in action. Supposed to be in the triple digits all week. Which probably means that in July and August, you either burst into flames if you stand too near an exterior wall, or your cells just give up and liquefy. I'm just going to take the shelves out of the fridge, drill a little air vent, and hibernate in there. (Deb already has dibs on the freezer.)

Oh yeah. Probably won't post a picture of this, but my family will at least get a kick out of this... remember all the broken and damaged furniture from the move? Well, yours truly got himself one of them there idears. Put two of the dresser drawer faces together bottom to bottom, put some of the drawer side panels underneath that, cut the damaged strips from the entertainment center... and made a table. See, we're still looking for a coffee table that doesn't suck, but in the interim we needed something to use. Norm Abrams would be proud. (Or scared to tears.)

I've also been working on stores. Online stores, that is. I'm nowhere near done with everything I want to do, but if you're curious go to cafepress.com and search for "wontar". You'll find the five or so stores I've got done so far.

More pictures on the way, too. But in the meantime, here's a page out of my better half's book in the form of the pic of the day. It's the view off of our patio. Last night.

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