Monday, June 06, 2005


Someone who shall remain bald jokingly told his wife that they should move the computers into the coolest room of the apartment instead of the hottest room in the apartment. Unfortunately, he forgot to hold up his "I'm only kidding, dear" sign. So... we spent the day moving furniture around. (Hopefully we won't do this once a month.) Honestly though, it looks much better this way. Our living room now looks like an actual living room instead of a computer room with a loveseat in it. The living room has our sofa and loveseat in it, and the second bedroom is now officially the Computer/Lego room. We've got computers, we've got legos... what else do you need in life?

I've also received a few calls regarding my resume I posted at Unfortunately, they're all from insurance companies. I have no idea what it is about my resume that makes them think I want to sell insurance, but I wish I could find it and delete it. Then never, ever write those words in the same sequence ever again. Unless, of course, I needed to summon some sort of demon or something. Good to be prepared.

I also sold another picture today, which brings the total up to four. Look out for me and my art madness!

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