Thursday, June 30, 2005

Mexico Addendum

I can't believe I forgot this. While in Mexico last week something extremely odd happened. Deb and I were browsing in a shop, and we walked past two of the owners/salesmen/craftsmen. They were conversing in Spanish, and as I've mentioned before my Spanish is severely limited so I wasn't paying attention to it. That is until I heard something that went something like this... "[Spanish Spanish Spanish] Monty Python [Spanish Spanish Spanish] nudge nudge [Spanish Spanish Spanish]." Where I can only assume the last Spanish bit was "say no more", because that bit is deeply ingrained into my very being.

I'm in Mexico in a shop that sells brasswork javelinas and cacti, and two guys are standing there reciting the "nudge nudge" sketch in Spanish? See, this is why I need cybernetic implants. I would have been able to go online to babelfish and then say "la mueca rápida rápida de la mueca guiña no guiña a opinión del nudge del nudge no más." Sure, they would have thrown me out of the shop, because translating it back gives you "the fast fast face of the face yaws does not yaw not more to opinion of nudge of nudge." Which is apparently the formal translation of "snap snap grin grin wink wink nudge nudge say no more."

But what the hell do I know? I'm a lazy American, and I only speak English.

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