Sunday, June 26, 2005

Just a Touch of Surrealism

The world can be pretty entertaining if you're observant. Humans, for example. Since we've been in Tucson, I've seen three different teenagers with spiked mohawks. (The haircut, not the hatchet.) Different colored mohawks, too. For whatever that's worth. I've also seen (on separate occasions) a few twenty- or thirty-something guys wearing polo shirts with the collar turned up. On purpose. Maybe it gets so hot here that the fabric of space-time has actually bent a little bit, and there are pockets of 1985 rolling around. If my hair spontaneously regenerates and I drop 40 pounds, I'll know for sure. But I don't just mean the entertainment that is observing humans, either. (Though that's pretty entertaining. Just ask Lenny.) I mean that sometimes you see things that cause you to look around for a witness to share in the strangeness or make you wish you had a camera. Like this...

Driving through southern Arizona, up and down mountains, through rolling fields, scrub, cactus, huge trees and parched rock... an iridescent peacock on the porch of a dilapidated house. I saw six on the property, but this shot was taken from a moving car, so give me a little credit. We passed an alpaca farm on this trip, and I've even seen an ostrich ranch north of Tucson. But those were big, sprawling businesses. With signs and whatnot. This was an addition to an outhouse with a flock of peacocks and peahens.

Thank you, digital camera! For making my world a little bit weirder.

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