Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Agua Caliente!

Soy el Chupacabra! No, wait...

We went to the Roy P. Drachman - Agua Caliente Park on Sunday. If you ever visit Tucson, it's one of them there "must see" places to add to your list. Bring a camera or two, as you'll need it. (It wasn't easy to pick shots for this post.) It's also free, so if you pack a picnic you'd have yourself a fantastic day of photography, phood, and phun!

Ducks, turtles, blue heron, weird mutant bugs, fish... lots of nifty animals present. Not so many screaming humans, which was good. Any day where my human contact quotient is low is a good one in my book!

The plants were also quite cool. Especially the ones that looked as if they could eat you. Because, really, what better way is there to teach a healthy respect for nature than abject terror coupled with high-pitched girly screams as a tree rips you limb from limb? (Pun intended.)

It's also significantly cooler here. Autumn has hit the foothills, and it's great! It was in the mid-80s when these pictures were taken, but has since cooled off even more. It was 59 last night when we went to bed, and it's a surprisingly chilly 65 as I type this. When you stop to consider that 65 is 50 degrees cooler than it was in July, that's pretty freaky.

Also, here's one for my family as well as those of you in significantly cooler climes... Sunday night it was about 60 degrees. Someone had their fireplace going. They sell bundles of firewood at the grocery store for anywhere between 50 cents to one dollar per piece. Do the math on that one and get back to me, family! I've got a couple of acres of woods that could be turned into greenbacks ASAP! As long as the trees don't attack, that is.


scooter's thoughts said...

cool pics! this sounds like a great place. I hope you can take me to it whenever I come back out. As for the wood on your land.... we kind of need it here, because it has been in the 50's for highs here. the check is in the mail...

Transoptics said...

Re: Wood $$'s
This P.M. due to no optical work, I split and stacked two, not one mind ya, but two, piles o'wood--
Six and a half feet high, eleven feet from left to right. Worked along from 12:15 to 18:15 !!
Over 20 OVERSIZED wheelbarrow loads, @ 25-30 sticks per = ? $

Thanx 4 the beautiful pics.

Woodworking Elder