Tuesday, October 25, 2005


That would be "the fear of phobias." Go here if you don't believe me.

This post is for you, Hedley, my newest frequent visitor. I've been assured by half of my family that you're OK, but I'd just like to point out a few things so you understand why my first reaction to you was negative.

Your first comment ever on my site was: "Perhaps we should k*ll the first born son of every family!" Not a good way to make a first impression. Especially in a post about my father and brother. (Putting aside the fact that it was said by Taggart, not Hedley.)

Add to that that you wrote: "Violent?? Not really me, as far as a postal employee being laid off is not violent." Now, look at my archives prior to April 2005 and see where I worked. That's past tense. Then look at April 2005 and find out how I left. You're on your way to understanding why you weren't on the fast track to acceptance.

Then you asked: "What's another word for Thesaurus?" (I spelled it correctly. You did not.) I'd direct you to Steven Wright for that one, since he is the one who originally posed the question. See, one of the "fun" things with having an eidetic memory is that you can't remember things in an instant like those happy photographic memory-wielding people, but once a memory is triggered the whole thing plays back like a movie. Or in this case, a stand-up bit on television.

My point? It appeared to me as if you were trying to pass that off as your own in an attempt to sound intelligent. That's the kind of thing that makes me not like someone. (That and the comma-spliced, prepositional meanderings that make up your posts.)

So, no hard feelings. You just came out of the blue and did a whole slew of things that I plain old don't like. But now that we understand one another, I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

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HeadyLamar_NO_NO_It's_Hedley said...

Well, for now as we're just now getting our power back, I'll be brief.

As far as the '...killing the first born...' etc. etc. It was my understanding that you would have grasped the meaning, but perhaps you are right not a great first post. My apologies.

Second, though I am familar with who Stephen Wright is, though not overly familar with his body of work. Though my Thesaurus question, it was my own, as far as I haven't heard it asked before. Now I am not arrogant enough to think I'm the only one disturbed enough to spew such verbiage. I don't doubt that you've heard it from him, simply saying_I_haven't heard it before.

So yet another word for you to help me with. Accidental ripping of another's work? Meaning, was a good faith question and was not an attempt to pass of as my own. As I honestly thought it was my own.

As far as my lack of eGrammar skills, that is a bit intentional, as far as I can see, it's a irritation for you to see such atrocities. But such is my warped sense of humor.

So you understand my being =).

As far as the fear of phobias. During the week I pulled one out of my arse. Guess for the quasi edu_BUH_cated, I was close. I came up with Phobiaphobia =P

As far as the postal worker line, no offense. It was just a joke I made to your bro' to guarantee my job security. I will however, after fleeing the rat trap called the lab, I will check out your archives, so if I've gone too far in making a 'woo haa' my bad.

I'm on a heck of a roll eh.

Metamorphisis Complete!!---President Scroob

Ready KAFKA?!---Dark Helmet

Not as popular as the other batches of Mel's movies, but still a line that I always found amusing.

BTW, I will check out your archives and apologize further if necessary.

Enjoy the sun, we haven't seen it in like, oh a month.

'Where's Froggie..."

BTW, on a serious note, these pictures you come by are pretty awesome. No sarcasm, but sincere thoughts. I'm an addict for historical scenes, facts, and the like.