Saturday, October 01, 2005

Semptember Is Gone, And With It My Youth

Whilst driving around along the more deserted desert roads in Tucson this evening, a funny thing happened. I was doing five miles over the 40 MPH speed limit on a very dark and twisty road. I was watching for animals as I was anticipating sudden turns on this road I'd never navigated. (We saw a wee coyote, but that's not really part of this story.) A car came up behind us, tailgated us for a while, and passed as soon as the lines on the road were dotted in his favor. He soon zoomed out of sight. (When he passed, he came dangerously close to the coyote. So I guess it's part of the story after all.) What words do I hear come out of my mouth when all this happened?

"What the hell are you driving so fast for?"

I may just as well have added: "Ya damn kids! With your hula hoops and your loud rock 'n' roll music! Get the hell off my lawn before I take a switch to ya!"

Don't get me wrong. I've certainly done my share of reckless driving. I just didn't realize that I had gone so quickly from my reckless driving days to the days of sitting on the front porch and muttering obscenities interspersed with Cab Calloway lyrics at the neighbors because my Geritol hasn't yet kicked in.

On the plus side though, I guess I'm that much closer to driving my HoverRound recklessly. That's something.

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