Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween Colors By Rorschach

Feeling something of the spirit of All Hallow's, I saw this picture unfold to match the images in my mind as I made it. When I showed the picture to my wife, she described something completely different than what I saw. If you're so inclined, tell me what you see in this picture. I'll tell you what I see in the comments later on.

- Update -

Rather than try and describe it, I figured it'd be easier to just draw it. One hooded figure in the background with a skull for a face, holding a staff with a cow skull on it. Another (perhaps same) hooded skull-faced figure in the foreground reading a stone tablet wreathed in flames. I did enjoy the descriptions of what others saw, though. Received via comments and e-mail. Thanks for playing along!


Trée said...

Great halloween colors. I see a giant spider on the right side feasting upon it's prey. I would call this one "Dinnertime." LOL

Nice work. :-)

Abbyliqua said...

When I look at it I see Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer-demon-exploding type stuff.