Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy b-day to the one member of the family who has less hair than I do! (By rights, my brother should have less hair because he's older, but he doesn't. So he sucks.) Hopefully things go better this year! See, here's how Dad's 365th day since his last birthday went:

He was laid off from his job. A job where he has more experience than anyone else, any three or four people, including the owners. The owners who, I might add, were only able to start their business in the first place thanks to the help and guidance of my father. Their current business is also benefitting from some of Dad's equipment that's on extended loan. (The stuff ain't cheap, either.) But here's the kicker... my brother, who works at the same place, was the one who was informed he had to lay my father off. On the day before Dad's birthday, his own son gets to kick him out of the business that wouldn't even be there if not for him because the owners didn't have the grapes to do it.

Color me pissed.

I know that Dad would probably rather not go in there anyway. But it's the principle of the thing. I'm contemplating taking out a full-page ad in the beacon of news that is The Daily Star (local newspaper there) and let its readership know what kind of company it really is. (Remember, it's only slander if it's false!)

Oh, and if any of you think that Dad's too old and should be retired anyway... feel free to arm wrestle him. He'll probably even offer to reattach the limb for you after he's done. If you don't want to be called "Lefty", then just keep up with him on an "average" day. This isn't misguided daddy-worship talking here, either. I couldn't keep up with him 20 years ago when he was my age, and I can't keep up with him now.

So... happy birthday! (And keep reading the paper. The younger son is the sinister one, after all.) (Latin. It's a hoot!)


HedleyLamar said...

Perhaps we should k*ll the first born son of every family!

HedleyLamar said...

Perhaps not.

Perhaps uncleverly posted, however, I'd like to chime in if I may.

As a rather disturbed minded individual, which oddly is a matter of no debate.

However, the actions of a certain optical lab in a certain hilley town, city is truly thrown around too freely nowadays, in upstate New York.

To well relieve somebody off their duties without the juevos to do it yourself for one, as well as the decency of giving some notice shows quite a bit to employees.

As I am one, as are others and we've come up with the overall feeling of it's pretty @#$! up.

Well, it would seem that the boss is ringing the proverbial dinner bell, and I'm never one to miss that gravy train, so just another rant.

Fear the Phobia

Smokedog said...

Ok so in a bout of infinite wisdom I apparently forgotten my damn password for ol' hedley lamar, so I am back. Incarnate if you will.

As will be clear and evident, whether or not I'm in_complete_control of my mental faculties is a matter of State Hospital debate.

Fear of Phobias, would be?

Wontar said...

Hedley/Smokedog - Umm... what? Thanks for the comment, but reading your comments is akin to reading an instruction manual that was written in Chinese, translated into Swedish, and then into English. Normally, I'd commend you on the "Blazing Saddles" reference. But for whatever it's worth, your IP address has been duly noted. Why? The "first born son" is either my father, brother or my nephew. If any of them get so much as a scratch, you'll fear more than phobia. For your sake, I hope you're just drunk.

Oh, by the way, it's "hilly".

Smokedog said...

Well, I'd say that it was initially Manadarin transalted to Portugese to American back to English and then to the national language in the country. Spanish. Spanklish perhaps?

[And yes I know American isn't a bonafide language.]

I do imagine it'd be par for the course that my IP has been duly noted. At least some will remember me.

And as far as the 'first born son..' it was yet another blazing saddles tag. So please take no offense. Hedley Lamar: "No...too Jewish..."

As I was referring to the spineless duo which is the owners of said business to which you referred.

As far as fearing more than a phobia, wouldn't that be a phobia? Fearing that they get so much as a scratch?

To clear things up, no I am not drunk. Over tired perhaps, but no not drunk, as the hops and barley are not a juice I regularly partake.

I'd like to consider myself a friend to both your dad as well as your bro'. Funny thing about multiple personality disorder is you don't know which one people like.

And sir, I thank you for the spelling correction. Should have been more careful as I was pre-warned.

So please 'GOV', allow me to apologize if my words were misread or possibly mistyped..

Violent?? Not really me, as far as a postal employee being laid off is not violent.

Ok perhaps not the best example. Bottom line, I'm not as bad as you apparently took my words. Just another boring rant before heading into the dungeon which is the optic industry.

If you are curious on what type of insane sumbeetch I am, ask ya big brother, "What's another word for Thesauraus..."

haha he should let ya know I'm quasi-normal. Normal as far as my sense of humor, or after reading your re-post, lack there of.

anyways, hope you can take them for what they are. Just some misguided rants about the stupidity of the life in Oneonta

Fear the Phobia
Enjoy the country and avoid the 'sticks'