Saturday, October 15, 2005

At Night I Hear You Screaming

The moon is in hiding behind over-protective clouds. I pace in the blackness that streams through the windows. I walk the route with familiarity; I've navigated the darkness a thousand times before. You woke me up. Again. I can't remember the last time I had a decent night's rest. Why won't you stop? Every night I think it's the neighbors, or a dog, or a car. Then I realize it's you. Every night. At least you're quiet in the daylight. I guess you're sleeping. How nice for you. All comfy-cozy, curled up and tucked away in the dark corners of my mind. But at night... at night I hear you screaming.

Soon I may start screaming with you.

It's ironic that I write an insomnia story six months after my last bout. Don't worry. This isn't autobiographical. Just something that was inspired by the picture. The picture was made by a nifty little application called Apophysis. If you're like me and you think it's cool when art and math collide, then check it out.

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