Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Just Another Fish In The Clouds - Where Reflection and Opacity Collide

Strange things happening in my slice of the interweb. The other day, someone at the Albany Medical Center (in NY) did a search for "Wontar". This concerns me, because if a disease has been named after me and nobody's told me, I'm going to be extremely upset. And it better be one of them there flesh-eating viruses or something of that ilk, too. I want the phrase "I've been diagnosed with Wontar Virus" to be followed by gasps of horror, not snickering. Or Three Musketeering.

I've also had a visitor who was looking up vampire sightings. I guess it's the time of year for that sort of thing, so I apologize that you only found reference to vampire geese. If anyone is interested, I can provide a lengthy dissertation as to why I prefer werewolves over vampires, and why the former could eradicate the latter with ease. But then, I'm weird like that.

But the best part is that there are still a few people who search for my site... by typing in the entire web address. Yep. Different people will bring up their favorite search engine, type in my entire "www..." and hit "search". They're not looking for references to my site. They're looking for the site itself. The site whose address they just friggin' typed in to the search box and will spend the next few moments scrolling through a list of links to find the address they just typed in. I laugh at them primarily because even though I don't know who they are, I know where they work. Ah, the baby steps of dabbling in the black arts of technology! Better sprinkle a circle of salt around yourself first. The computer demons might come in and get you!

As for the fish, I just liked that shot. Just enough sky reflected, just enough of the fish came through... neat effect.

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