Friday, May 27, 2005

And It Only Took 15 Years!

I scribbled as a little kid. Most little kids do, after all. But I kept scribbling. Eventually I could draw things that looked less like Picasso on LSD and more like actual things. I was an art major in high school, and got an art degree in college when I was 20. I never got a paying art job. (I did illustrate a book, but since the book never sold I never got paid.) My creativity was shunted to other aspects of a decidedly non-creative job.

Today, close to 15 years to the day I received my art degree, I sold some artwork.

The artwork in question is a digital scan of one of our vacation shots taken while visiting the Valley of Fire in Nevada, so not much creativity was needed on my part. But it's art, and it sold. I can officially add "Artist" to my list of paid professions. And I'll naturally be putting up more pics to sell, because we've been to some pretty scenic places. Not to mention the fact that we currently live in a pretty darn scenic place.

In other news, I tested the solar cooker today. I just put it outside to see how well it'd work. Heated up nicely, but I still want to tweak it.

In other other news, it's raining in the desert. How cool is that? It's 71 degrees! That's a 30 degree temperature drop! Wow!!

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Transoptics said...

Hey !! We had to fork over a lot of $$$'s . # 1 for the college, #2 for the people to contact you for the sale !?!?!?!?

Congrats anyway !!

Mowing all day, it seems.
Temp to 70.. Kinda like you guys !!