Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Resistance Is Fewtuhl

I've received some snail mail from my former employer in the last few days. One in particular made me laugh out loud (or "LOL" as the damn kids say). (Damn kids, with your typing shortcuts and your hula hoops.) The sentence that made me laugh? "It is imperative that we do everything we can to retain good employees." Mind you, my laughter was quickly replaced by the urge to send the letter back to them, marked with red pen pointing out the grammatical and spelling errors. But then I remembered that teachers aren't supposed to use red ink any longer, because it's too stressful to the fragile egos of today's youth. Which is why I think that all papers should be graded in the blood of those who make the mistakes. It'll cut down on repeat offenders.

So, I'll send them their response. Plus a little something extra. They probably didn't expect a grade, but I'm in such a good mood since we moved I may even make it a passing one. As long as "C-" is considered passing.

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