Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

Today I was confronted by yet another shining example of why I will never fully understand my former employer. While fililng out more paperwork, I was instructed to print a semi-fillable .pdf. Now, the fact that some of it was fillable is a major improvement, yet I simply do not understand why the whole thing wasn't fillable. It's really not that difficult to make a fillable .pdf, yet it's as if whoever was making this particular file just got tired and stopped. Or perhaps it was break time, or the end of the shift. There are really too many possibilities to list here, so I won't. Here's the part that kills me, though. The part that made my blood boil at the outrageous stupidity. The thing that gave me flashbacks to every friggin' thing I ever read at that place. I did not make this up. I really wish I did, but I didn't. I mean, the statement itself is a lie merely by its own existence. But that's the kind of cognitive dissonance that keeps the place running. But really, more importantly, it's an electronic document! You don't need to conform to the mentality of a printed form! Even number of pages, odd number of pages... who the hell cares? Yet I know in my heart of hearts that someone got an award for this. For making a semi-fillable, even-numbered page form with instructions on how to get it to print correctly... someone got an award. Different people got awards for sending me the same thing three different times from three different states, though. All of which claimed I needed to send something back to them. No postage paid envelope, though. Could've saved one from one of the three states, but nope. And the information could be found online, so I could've gotten an e-mail for free. I know damn well they know my e-mail, because they sure as hell know my website.

Bah. And bah again, just for good measure. Oh yeah, click here if you didn't know what the title is all about. Today's art history lesson.

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Trying to leave you a response to your blog of the day.

Hope you had good luck cutting the glass. I mark-up lenses all day that are to be cut !!

Now I see that my correct name is displayed.. Previous attempt didn't work..

Hope all is well..

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