Monday, May 02, 2005

Armadillo Canyon

Woke up to snow. A few weeks ago, that wouldn't have been too exciting. However, when you wake up to snow in Amarillo, Texas, that comes as something of a surprise.

Luckily, we still had a snowbrush in the car. So we dusted off the car and headed off to Palo Duro Canyon. We hadn't known about the canyon the day before, but since it was on the way, we thought we'd check it out. We're very, very glad we did. It was absolutely breathtaking. Second largest canyon in the US, and you can just drive right up to and through it. You can picnic there, camp there, hike there... it was awesome. The snow/rain didn't diminish the experience one bit. Click on the link to see the pics. They say a lot more than I could.

After that, we headed off to Roswell, NM. I have to say that our journey has taken us across ten states, and in all that time we've never felt so... out there... as we did in New Mexico. Other states had some wide open spaces. But those wide open spaces had stuff in them. Barns, cows, windmills, whatever. New Mexico has some huge, huge!, wide open spaces with nothing.

I mean nothing.

The land is completely untouched. It's not used for farming, grazing, nothing. It simply is. It's green, it's flat, and it's empty. There was one "town" we went through... it had three buildings. Three. A post office, a church, and a store. I have no idea how that constitutes a town, but it was on the AAA map and had a "welcome to" sign. Maybe the people all have multiple personalities so it counts as a population explosion.

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