Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sh-boom Sh-boom

Since we moved to Arizona a scant 24 days ago, my wife and I will take turns and intermittently say to one another: "You know what? We live here!" That word is emphasized for two reasons. The first is to remind ourselves that we are not dreaming. The second is to emphasize the fact that we're actually living here, as opposed to just existing. New York, or how we were living in New York, was slowly killing us. Jobs we hated were forcing us to quickly eat food that was incredibly bad for us, and after a 10 or 12 hour day we went home and just fizzled. Our brains were too numb to do much more than complain about how lousy our days were, and to spend a little quality time with the computers. Not doing creative stuff like making artwork or writing or anything. Generally we played games to escape reality and go to one where things mattered and in doing what you did made a difference. Where you could fight for something and actually win. (And did so while one of the Lord of the Rings movies was playing in the background. Again, a story where things matter.) People didn't complain about being saved by Orcs. They were happy you did it. Even thankful.

I realize I'm mixing metaphors so much I've got a veritable metaphoric fruit salad. My point is that if you're reading this, you need to take a moment and step back and really look at your life. If you're working in a job you hate so you can make enough money so you can live in a place that's close to where you work so you can get to the job you hate... that's really, really bad. You need to change the way you live before your way of life becomes the death of you. Take it from one who quite possibly would have had a heart attack before he hit 40. My head doesn't hurt! (From six advil a day, every day, to none? None??? Woohooo!!) My body doesn't hurt! I'm eating real food instead of McCrap! If you can identify with anything I'm saying, then you need to do something about it. For the sake of the people who care about you if not for your own sake.

OK, I'm done with my fruit salad rampage. Oh, and mad props to the Crew Cuts for the title.

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