Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Lookit All Dese Rumors

I spent my final moments being inside an IRS building being confused, shocked, and angry. Pretty much like the last 13 years. I went in to finish up my travel voucher, hand in my time sheets for this week and next, and hand in my badge. (For those of you who may not have read my resignation letter, my final date of employment with the IRS is April 15.) (This is an important point.) I did my stuff, sent some e-mails, and was told that the grade 11 do-nothing, has-no-IDRS-profile-yet-manages-to-miraculously-perform-reviews manager has "spotted" me, and called the night manager. (Insert confused noise here.) Apparently, she (and presumably her boss) belive that I have been fired. Yep. So, if I've been fired, then I shouldn't be in the building. I've got news for people who may think I was fired... if I was fired, you can rest assured that the page that has my resignation letter would have a lot more information in it, and the names sure as hell wouldn't be sanitized. Nor would it be even remotely professional.

Of course, the rumor mill also has my wife as just going into her boss's office, throwing down her badge, and saying "I quit!" What's funnier is that her boss is the one who told her that story first. They shared a chuckle. She hasn't quit, hasn't resigned, but is taking a leave of absence. I guess that's too dull, though. Needed some sex, violence, and maybe an alien abduction or evil twin or something.

I guess that's what happens when reality TV is all the rage. Since TV is boring, people look for reality to have all the juicy bits in it.

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