Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Vowel Movements

Oh, the comedy. Seems the grade 11 do-nothing has been trying to find out if there are links on any of the INTRAnet pages to any of the INTERnet pages, such as the one you're currently viewing. Bloody brilliant. Doesn't matter that the people don't have INTERnet access. Since it all shows up on the same screen thingy, it must all be going to the same place. "Technology is so very, very difficult to understand, so I'll just flat-out persecute anyone who seems to know anything about it" should be tattooed on some of these idiots' foreheads.

Man, I'd like it if there were an INTRAnet webpage that shows how long the do-nothings have had their IDRS profiles locked for the world to see. Or at least TIGTA, since a higher-graded manager pretending to work can't pretend all that well when his/her profile is locked. Or dropped off completely. That'd be proof that someone wasn't doing his/her job, which is fraud, waste, and abuse. (Hm... why does that sound familiar?)

Speaking of do-nothings, it seems that someone has finally seen my website and has been offended by it. So much so that this someone began complaining about it. Except... this someone was looking at the website AT WORK. You're not supposed to look at websites from within the IRS unless there's a legitimate business need. That'd be a violation that TIGTA could verify easily, if they looked at the terminal logs.

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