Sunday, April 17, 2005

More Than Just a Spike Lee Movie

If you read this and you work in EIN, then you should go straightaway to Jerf's page and click on the Amazon link on the side. Why? Because you've used the site that he made, on his own time and with absolutely no compensation, and you continue to use it without so much as a "thank you" to him. If it were up to me, you should give him a dollar for every letter you didn't write on your own, every coversheet you couldn't figure out on your own, every example you had to look at because you can't memorize your damn job. Retroactive, of course. If you ever got an award, it goes up to five bucks per. Ten if you think you deserve it. No, scratch that. One hundred per.

Jeff is not only my best friend, but one of the best people it has ever been my pleasure to know. The way he is treated by my former employer sickens and angers me, and I sincerely hope that he gets to get out and live the life he richly deserves before the place drains the life out of him. If he gets to live his life with the woman he loves, then that makes it infinitely more enjoyable and worthwhile.


irs said...

why do you and your friend jeff establish such creative initiatives to basically make life easier for the benefit of all employees but yet bad mouth the people when they use it. If your intentions were ever good you would develop these initiatives to really and truly help employees instead of criticizing them after they opt to use what you develop. Start doing things from the heart and maybe just maybe you would be rewarded and given the recognition you deserve.

Wontar said...

This actually made me laugh. Really. I mean, anyone who thinks that the stuff that Jeff made or that I made wasn't done "from the heart" is more incredibly stupid than I could've imagined. "Opt" to use??? Oh, by all means then, don't use it! Go ahead! Write a letter on your own! Do anything at all on your own! It'd be a dream come true! Oh man, I am so glad that place is getting shut down.

Jerf said...

The creative initiatives you speak of were all meant to be one thing, to be tools to help along the learning process. Unfortunately, it was my experience all too often that they were used by many (not all) as a tool to do the same amount of work in less time and to use the excess time to read magazines, do nails, talk, eat, or any one of a thousand other things that was not learning. I would like to think that the goal to have someone learn is one of the greatest intentions anyone can have. I came from a unit where everyone processed 15 to 20 documents an hour...the same documents that the web page was supposed to help with and we didnt have it. Now I see people being patted on the back when they break 8 documents an hour WITH enormous amounts of help. For that my heart hurts, not because I think I was ever better than anyone else, but because I know all of you COULD have been better if you just TRIED.

Now if you believe the intention to have someone better themselves through learning and perhaps get a better job…then I guess I had the cruelest of intentions and I am sorry. My wretched heart is twisting in my chest.