Monday, April 11, 2005

Scandal! (And other 80s groups)

It seems that the higher-ups in the world of EIN would have you believe that my wife has now been fired. Why? Because she "let" me in the building. Doesn't matter that my final official date of IRS employment is Friday the 15th. Four days from now. I guess I should call her and tell her she's been fired. See... she's at work right now, training her replacement. That means she can come home.

I really shouldn't be surprised. The do-nothings at work are considering this all as one big "win" for their team. Well hooray for you. The mere fact that you enjoy spouting such ridiculousness will make me proud to say (in four days) that I no longer work for the IRS.

And you know... as long as I've got some bitterness to spare... to those of you who both received my help over the years, never bothering to learn anything on your own, and who also believe this horseshit about me and my wife being fired... I have an odd mix of unbridled rage and pity for you. Rage that you unflinchingly and relentlessly sought help rather than crack open a book or load a webpage, and pity that your lives are so miserable that you need this kind of soap-operatic fantasy to feel "good".

I gleefully leave you to your misery.

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