Saturday, April 02, 2005

Ringo was his name-o

This is not the life-changing event. This is just me rambling.

The pope has died. As they search for a new pope, I wonder what the name of the new guy will be. I mean, will they go with the tradition established with the last few popes and name him after one or more of the Beatles, or will they go with something more Holy Roman Empire-esque and bring back the classic names like Pius or Innocent. Maybe they'll go for a nice combination. I'd really like to see Pope Ringo Hilarius I has a nice ring to it. (Hmm... that'd be a nice website. Generates a random Beatle name and a random papal name.) Pope George Gelasius I... sounds like he'd hand out ice cream during sermons. That's a nice, friendly way to get people back to Christianity.

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