Friday, April 08, 2005

Read Time?

Over two dozen hits from "regular" IRS computers so far today. (Hiya!)

And it seems as if people are offended by the opinions offered by yours truly on this site. Hmm. How interesting. In viewing comparisons and case history of the Freedom of Speech vs. Workplace Harassment laws... I'd be in trouble if I mocked people with a learning disability. And there's a huge, huge difference between someone who is truly "learning disabled" or "learning challenged" or whatever, versus someone who just plain old doesn't want to try to learn. If you read this and think I'm making fun of you, consider the following... if you got an all 5 evaluation and did not: teach, instruct, coach, work on a special project, revise an IRM, revise a handbook, write an IRM, write a handbook, adhere to your break/lunch schedule, or do anything that is above and beyond what is contained within your position description, then you did not earn your evaluation. That's how it's supposed to work. There are even guidelines managers are supposed to follow, and manager's managers are supposed to follow to ensure that happens. The thing is, they don't. And people get all 5s just for walking in the door. That's a great way to provide service to our customers, huh?

If you see yourself in things that I mention here, you should really be asking yourself why that is. If you do what you're supposed to, then you're fine. If you whine for an all 5 eval, or give all 5 evals to people who don't deserve them, then welcome to my bitterness. You have earned it.

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