Saturday, April 02, 2005

Starting over

This is the life-changing event:

Deb and I are resigning from the IRS and moving to Arizona. Our resignation letters are going in on Monday, and with some serious work on our part we should be out of New York and in AZ before April is over.

Yes, I'm serious. No, this is not a late April Fool's joke. Details will follow, but as an added bonus for those of you who work for the IRS with me, you'll be able to get a copy of my resignation letter. (If you're reading this site and work with me, when you read the letter, don't take what's going to be in there personally. It's meant for the masses.) (Meaning those who still equate "computer" with "dark sorcery involving human sacrifices".) (Also known as "morons".)

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dash bradley said...

Good luck, Wontar.