Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Movin' Right Along

(If you don't hear Kermit and Fozzie, just stop reading.)

The Flying Karamazov Brothers moved our stuff yesterday, and we began our journey out of New York at about 4:30 pm. The Karamazovs were very efficient, and I'd highly recommend them. (No, it's not their real name. Sheesh.) Last night, we stopped somewhere in Lancaster county, PA. This morning we drove around through Amish country and had lunch in a nice little cafe thing. The nicest thing happened... we couldn't hear the conversations of the people around us! Really! I mean, they were talking, but they were being civil and talking in a reasonable tone! (If you don't understand what I'm talking about, you've never lived on Long Island.) (Or you currently live on Long Island, and have never been anywhere else.)

There are some pretty impressive sights to see out there, and if you ever get the chance to travel across country, do it. Just getting out of the congested, paved, closed-in city-fied atmosphere of Long Island has been fantastic. I've flown across the country a few times. This slower, ground-level version is much more enjoyable. We're listening to a bunch of old-time radio shows, and just watching the miles roll by. Very relaxing, and very therapeutic.

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