Monday, August 22, 2005

Chiracahua National Monument

Holy. Cow. That's all there is to say. For a last-minute, "let's see what this is" kind of trip... holy cow. We got to see all manner of amazing rock formations, Mars, giant mutant monster clouds over a spooky Little House on the Prairie house... just awesome. Five bucks per adult gets you admission for seven days. That's almost a dollar a day! (I don't know. I suck at math.) I'll advise you to look at the pics, (Deb's making her own photo gallery as I type. The ones on this one are just the good ones from my camera.) but for the curious it's "cheer-uh-cow-uh". Now you know.

In other news, my nephew has started a blog. It's the "Kid Photo" link on the blogroll. I just hope he and my brother can continue blogging at the rapid-fire 28.8 speeds they achieve at home.

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