Monday, August 08, 2005

Summer Goeth Before the Fall, Too

I'm not often proud of the pictures and stuff that I make. I like them, enjoy looking at them, but they usually don't make me go: "Wow! I made that!" This image would be one of the few exceptions to that rule. It may be wrong to feel pride, but I don't care. While I was putting this on the requisite ton of things over at cafepress, I wanted to buy most of them. Not because of the pride, but because of how this particular image spoke to me. Or speaks to me. (Metaphorically, of course.) (Crying angels weren't talking in my head when I worked for the government and was stressed out of my mind. They sure as hell aren't about to start now!) (The yodelling eggplants, however, will keep pestering me until the day I die.)

In other news, the roof still isn't fixed. Doesn't really bother me considering that the same storm knocked out power to several thousand people who, as of yesterday, still didn't have power. I'll take a leaky ceiling over no power any day.

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