Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Flight, Flood, and Formatting

No major excursions today. We took Scott and Matt to the airport at 11 A.M. our time. At 11 P.M. our time, they finally got home. They don't have luggage, but they're home. Where it's currently 46 degrees. That's a 50 degree difference, give or take. (I hope they don't get sick.) They finally did get to see a nifty thunderstorm, though. Lots and lots of lightning, and enough rain to make the news around here. Most of the dry riverbeds and washes to the south of us aren't dry any longer. They're flooding. The Santa Cruz River rose over 11 feet in five hours! That's in a "river" that didn't have any flowing water last week. None. Think about that one for a minute. They're also evacuating people. Some people got evacuated to a casino, which I find fascinating. Now that you're safe from the flooding, prepare for a fleecing!

This is all well to the south of us. We had a light rain for most of the day, and it's stayed cool. (74 as I type this.) No more ceiling leaks or anything like that.

The other noteworthy event, for me at least, is that I reformatted my computer today. It started to hang whenever I tried to do anything with images. That's why my last few posts have had links to the Kodak site instead of any eye candy. Repairing XP just made it worse, so I started over. Saved all of my images, but my e-mails are gone. So if you're reading this and you want to hear from me, send me an e-mail.

OK, off to install more stuff. Keeps my mind off of how empty the apartment is now.

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