Saturday, August 13, 2005

Not Apparent

While enjoying our breakfast/lunch/dinner today at a local eatery, Deb and I got to overhear a familial conversation. Couldn't help it. The parents of two darling young girls were trying to get them to behave. The names of the children: Paige and Morgan. (Some of you see where this is going already.) Paige wasn't really hungry, and kept fidgeting. By "fidgeting" I mean getting up every .003 seconds and crawling under the table, wandering around, things like that. The parents were doing their darndest to deal with the situation. That is, if the situation was a friggin' debate. "We won't go to the toy store unless you eat! Morgan, you listen because this affects you too!" They also told her that if she crawled under the table, she'd get bugs. Bugs? Nice. On the plus side, it means she'll be deathly afraid of restaurants for the rest of her life. Did I mention that both children were under the age of 5? They had a stroller for one of them, for cryin' out loud! You don't have a long-winded dissertation on the causal relationships of dining etiquette with someone in a stroller! They go home, they go in their room, and they are told to read. No TV, no "outside and play", no computer, no video games. They read. If you tell me the child is too young to read, I'll give you my mom's e-mail address and she'll tell you how old I was when I learned to read.

Oh, and the parents were younger than me. Damn stupid kids having kids.

The picture is from tonight's walk at sunset. Have I mentioned lately how great it is here?

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