Wednesday, August 10, 2005


He stumbled as he ran. Heart pounding, blood thundering in his head and drowning out the sound of his own labored breathing. As he caught his balance, he glanced up at the moon and threw a wordless curse at it. The moon was not his friend this night. Enough light for it to be seen, but not enough light to let him find his way with any speed across the unforgiving terrain. His need for haste was great. His pursuer did not need light, but he did. Just a little more. Just a little more light, and he wouldn't trip so often. Just a little more speed, and he wouldn't fear for his life. Just a little more time, and he might actually live until the morning. Just a little more luck, and he'd never go out into the desert at night again.

He tripped again, and fell headlong to the rocky soil. Just like that, his time, luck, and speed ran out. Unfortunately for him, there was just enough light to see his own extermination.

Despite the dark clouds, this picture was taken at the last light of sunset. Just a short walk from our apartment. Pretty neat, huh?

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