Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lock, Stock, and Rain(bow) Barrel

Day three of the stock thing was uneventful. We left at lunch, because today was pretty much just a sales pitch day. Oh well. I will say that we got our money's worth out of the deal, and I'm sure the whole course would be equally beneficial. (Toot toot)

This evening's "severe weather alert" was precipitated (no pun intended) by a very cool double rainbow. Yes, it's out our front window. That area seems to be rainbow central or something. The bottom "bow" was very strong and fully formed, but neither of us could get it in one shot. This is the best picture I could get, though. I have others, but they all have dots of rain on them.

Speaking of rain, I may have been a bit harsh in my estimate of Arizona's monsoons. I say that in the hopes of appeasing the monsoon gods who have seen fit to pound the apartment so severely that the roof is leaking. Where? Why, in the computer room, of course! We had just shut off the computers after a particularly close (and loud!) bolt of lightning struck, and went to another room. I was walking by the computer room when I heard an odd sound. Like the window was open. Nope! Just water leaking in through the ceiling and dripping on the new carpet. Oh, and on one of the power strips. Nothing too severe, right? (Luckily, not near the computers.) We did move some furniture and put up some garbage cans to catch the water, though. There's a strip of water damage about a foot long on this side of the closet, and maybe six inches on the other. This is one of the good things about living in an apartment. Tomorrow we make a call and say "fix it", and it gets fixed. Sunday or not. Because, same time tomorrow, we're likely to have more thunderstorms.

Lastly, I had my first international sale at cafepress. Japan, no less. That there interweb is really cool.

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