Friday, August 19, 2005

Rock Climbing

The highlight of the day was spent climbing up, down, and around the Saguaro National Park. Matt and Scott went scurrying up the nearest bit of rocks, and kept right on scurrying. Deb headed off in one direction, leaving me to just shuffle along and take pictures of everyone either high above my head or sprinting for the next ridge. Didn't really bother me, though. Not only was I immersed in the awesome scenery and absolute silence of the place, but I had the car keys. They weren't going anywhere without me.

If you've read Scott's stuff over at his blog "Scootertown", you know that he's discovered that aches and pains don't exist in this climate. If you have aches and pains and have resigned yourself to the fact that they'll be with you until you die, you're wrong. (I was.) It's good to see him actually feeling well for a change.

Click on the things for pictures, yadda yadda. I'm tired, so that's it from me.

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