Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I get a lot of people from across the globe reading my words, so I'm making this blog thingy interactive with a question. This is not me being sarcastic. This is an actual, honest question to which I would like an honest answer. Here it is:

Why do people have children?

I'm not looking for a biology lesson. I'm looking for the why. What is it that makes you wake up one day and say: "I'd like to make another person!" (This question, obviously, is for those who actually planned the existence of their children.) A few words of warning first. Don't tell me it's genetic. I've known plenty of people of both genders of all ages and sexual orientations who flat-out do not want children. They may like children, even love them. But they don't want to make one.

So please, share your thoughts. I hate it when I can't figure things out. I've opened comments to all comers for this one. Thanks in advance.


scooter's thoughts said...

Hi, I think the most common reason people have kids is so they will be taken care of when they get old. I mean we waste half of our lives taking care of them, at least they can take care of us when we need our diapers changed...

Anonymous said...

Some people do it because children are super ultra fabulous!!!! Children change your entire world. They open your eyes to life. They are the possibility for a better future. They love unconditionally. Children are amazing!
It is definitely not for everyone. To each his own.