Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dust in the Wind

I need help with this one. Really. See, the Kansas board of education has taken steps to lessen the role of evolution in the origins of life, and go with an "intelligent design" model. (Formerly known as "creationism".) Maybe I'm wrong, but last time I checked it was the 21st century. We don't drill holes in the heads of crazy people to let the demons out, we don't administer leeches for an appendicitis, and we don't round off our maps with "here there be dragons!" So why the monumental leap backwards? And for that matter, exactly which version of creationism is going to be taught? The one where humans were created out of mud? That's a nice cross-cultural, muti-pantheon one, so it's got broad appeal. Older, too. By a lot. Much more creative than the idea of a Doug Henning type of creator, lifting up his holy handkerchief and Lo! there's a guy in a fig leaf. For my next trick, I'll make your brains disappear. Wait for it...

I guess I'm concerned not for the intelligence of America, as I knew that was headed for the crapper anyway. My concern is that if this trend continues then most of the people I know will be burned as witches simply because they know how to do stuff on a computer. That real-yet-unreal dimension of ones and zeroes is downright scary! If'n I can't touch it, then it's bad! She turned me into a newt!

Theocracy and de-evolution. Two of many reasons I will never have children.

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